Table of Contents
December 2008

BURN—Intensive Insulin Therapy, Reduced Infectious Complications

COLORECTUM—Unresectable Colorectal Cancer, Cure With Multimodality Therapy

HERNIA—Groin and Umbilical, Management in Pregnancy

ICU—Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection, Effectiveness of a Central Line Bundle Campaign

INTESTINE—Intestinal Obstruction, Impact of Laparoscopic Lysis of Adhesions

LIVER—Colorectal Liver Metastasis, Is an R1 Resection Contraindicated?

LIVER—Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Downstaging With Neoadjuvant Chemoembolization Before Transplantation

SMALL INTESTINE—Adhesive Obstruction, Effectiveness of Gastrografin Therapy

STOMACH—Gastroparesis, Medically Refractory, Gastric Electrical Stimulation

SURGERY—Applicants for a General Surgery Residency Program, Incidence of "Ghost" Publications

SURGERY—General and Vascular, Relation of Perioperative Hyperglycemia to Postoperative Infection

SURGERY—Surgical-Site Infection in General Surgery, Predictive Factors

THYROID—Lithium-Associated Hyperparathyroidism, Surgical Management

THYROID—Papillary Carcinoma, Sentinel Node Biopsy Guides Need for Central Node Dissection

TRAUMA—Abdominal Decompression, Long-term Outcome

TRAUMA—Critically Ill Trauma Patients, Increased Infectious Complications With Early Supplemental Parenteral Nutrition

TRAUMA—Elderly Patients, Need for Assessment of Anticoagulation Status

TRAUMA—Therapeutic Anticoagulation, Is It Safe?